26 Blond Halloween Costumes That Are Fun and Easy

Everett Collection; Netflix
Photo illustration: Becky Jiras
Everett Collection; Netflix
Photo illustration: Becky Jiras

Halloween is the time of year when you can let your imagination run wild and dress up as whomever (or whatever) we want. If your social calendar this year is full of Halloween parties, finding multiple costumes can be hard work — and costly. A simple way to create a quick costume is to apply some easy Halloween makeup and play up your hair color. Whether you're a natural blonde or just want to be one for the night, there are tons of iconic blond Halloween costumes to choose from.

If you're stuck and don't know what you want to be, we've got you covered. That way, all you have to do is study up on some Halloween makeup tips to pull it all together. This list has a variety of Halloween costumes for blondes, from fictional characters to real people. Whether you want to be a famous artist, horror-movie star, or go the nostalgic route and dress up as a cartoon character from your childhood, ideas range from super easy to slightly more complicated.

Blond-Wig Costume Ideas For Halloween

If you have black or brown hair, have no fear. With a good blond wig, you'll be able to transform yourself. It's a quick and easy way to try out a new look without having to fully commit — no hair dye or drastic cuts required. From a long and braided Daenerys Targaryen to a Marilyn Monroe–inspired coif and a pinned-up Marie Antoinette (not to mention the perfectly on-trend Barbie blond), we have everything you need to cosplay as your blonde heroes. No matter what blond-hair costume you choose, everyone else will be jealous that they didn't come up with it first.

Keep reading for costume ideas for blondes that will turn heads this Halloween.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Barbie

As Ken would say, "Come on Barbie, let's go party!" Channel your inner doll with a movie-inspired 'fit like the pink-and-white gingham dress paired with light pink heels. Make it your own by doing a midi dress or, for a more sultry style, sport a mini version of the look. You can wear a half-updo and keep your makeup light and pink.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Queen Charlotte From "Bridgerton"

You'll be the talk of the ton in this Queen Charlotte Halloween costume from "Bridgerton." The regal character has so many looks to choose from, but her tall white wig is a classic.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Tiffany Valentine

Whether you want to do a couple's costume or go solo, Tiffany Valentine is a horror-themed costume that combines style with scare. It's also a quick and easy look to pull together last minute. All you need is a white dress, black leather jacket, and a bloodied fake knife. To pull everything together, just add a red lip and black smoky eye.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Taylor Swift

Swifties will be jumping at the chance to dress up as the singer — especially when there are so many iconic outfits to choose from. This particular version represents the "1989" album cover and makes a photo-worthy moment. Simply wear a bird-patterned shirt like the one in the photo, apply a red lip and cat eyeliner, and if you want to go the extra mile, create a paper frame with the album name on it.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Debbie Thornberry

For some nostalgia, dress up as a classic cartoon character: Debbie from "The Wild Thornberrys." All you need is wavy or curly hair, find an orange crop top, and pair it with a green flannel and ripped jeans. For makeup, all you need is a dark lip and you'll transform into the edgy teen from the cartoon series.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Aquamarine

Live out your mermaid dreams with another throwback character: the bubbly mermaid Aquamarine. The positive-thinking character had a love for all things teal, which you can easily recreate by wearing a halter dress and some wavy teal hair extensions. You can accessorize the look with starfish earrings and paint your nails to express your mood.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Gwen Stacey (Ghost Spider)

Become the crime-fighting Ghost-Spider Gwen Stacy who, with the help of Miles Morales, battles crime across different universes. All you need is her classic black, white, and red jumpsuit paired with her green ballet slippers. Then you're ready to hop into battle.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Cinderella

While you could sport the classic Cinderella look with a blue ballgown, switch things up with her first dress choice. The hair accessory gives the look a whimsical feel.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Enid Sinclair

Wednesday may have taken the world by storm, but you can't forget about her cheery roommate, Enid. The werewolf loves to sport vibrant colors along with freshly manicured claws.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Prudence Blackwood

The edgy antihero Prudence Blackwood is ideal if you're going for a gothic-inspired costume. As one-third of the Twisted Sisters trio, you can wear a black minidress with a white Peter Pan collar peeking through. Pair it with a black lip and smoky eyes. The whole look together will bewitch all those who see you.

Blond Halloween Costumes: M3gan

The viral movie "M3egan" also makes for a great costume — you can dress up as the AI doll that inspired many memes. All you need is a khaki-colored dress, a striped long-sleeve shirt, and a blue, red, and white striped bow.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Debbie Jelinsky

This couples costume features two blond icons: Uncle Fester and his evil fiancée, Debbie. Fester requires a gray turtleneck, white blazer, and black eyeshadow around the eyes. Debbie takes a more vibrant approach in a floral straw hat, orange dress with a white belt, and an orange cardigan.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Captain Marvel

Go the superhero route and make your Halloween debut as Captain Marvel. You'll need a red, blue, and gold jumpsuit with matching gloves and a hunger for battling evil.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Hannah Montana

Relive your childhood while wearing some fun Y2K fashion and dress up as Disney pop star Hannah Montana. You'll be singing "The Best of Both Worlds" while showing off your best skinny jeans, white cowboy boots, and floral lace tops.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Rapunzel

Live out your Disney Princess dreams and dress up as Rapunzel from "Tangled." The adventurous princess requires a purple short sleeve gown with a long-haired blond wig. Add some flowers to a braided wig to really nail the details.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Lola Bunny

For cartoon-lovers, Lola Bunny is a sporty chic choice you can do alone or with your partner. All you need is bunny ears and a matching athleisure set in white and blue. To really sell the look, you can get a tank that reads "Funny Squad."

Blond Halloween Costumes: Cher

You'll be saying, "Ugh, as if," to any other costume once you see this Cher-inspired look. The '90s icon requires a matching yellow-and-black gingham blazer and pleated miniskirt paired with a yellow sweater and white top underneath. In terms of shoes, complete the outfit with knee-high white socks and some black Mary Janes.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Elle Woods

Thinking pink this Halloween? Elle Woods is a classic choice to channel your inner confident lawyer. There is a range of looks you can choose from, like the timeless pink blazer dress with matching sunglasses or her pink bunny costume. Don't forget your must-have accessory: a cute dog.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Harley Quinn

This Halloween, cosplay as everyone's favorite DC bad girl: Harley Quinn. Her wild style is defined by her hair, so find a wig that's got platinum blond and her signature pink-and-blue streaks. Then all you need is a bold red lip to complete the look.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Storm

We love this makeup look for X-Men's Storm, lightning bolts included. Pair your makeup with a platinum-blond wig, whether you're going for early Halle Berry (with long hair) or the newer short bob of "Days of Future Past."

Blond Halloween Costumes: Daenerys Targaryen

While "Game of Thrones" is long over, we can't wait for the new season of "House of the Dragon" to begin and the blond Targaryen hairstyles that'll come with it. Of course, Dani will always be our favorite mother of dragons, with her long, loose curls and tiny braids across the crown of her head (a look that will never go out of style).

Blond Halloween Costumes: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous and well-known blondes. With so many iconic outfits to choose from, you can wear anything from her long silvery white-dress to her hot pink gown paired with diamonds. Accessorize the costume with a diamond belt and white faux-fur throw. And don't forget red lips with a little mole drawn above your lip.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Marie Antoinette

One look at this blond, floral updo, and you'll know immediately it's everyone's favorite queen of France. Pair your blond wig with a ribbon- and bow-laden pastel gown with a full skirt and a fitted bodice. It may be a lot of work, but you'll be the best-dressed royal at the party.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Fembot

Anyone who has seen "Austin Powers" won't have trouble recognizing this Fembot costume. Kendall Jenner dressed up as one a few years ago, and the easy look has been on our minds ever since. Just grab a blond wig, a pink nightgown, and some gloves, and you're ready to go.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Christina Aguilera

A few years ago, Kylie Jenner went as Christina Aguilera in the "Dirrty" music video for Halloween, and the look has become a popular choice since. It requires some possibly hard-to-find items, like assless chaps, but the bikini top shouldn't be too hard to source.

Blond Halloween Costumes: Britney Spears

Britney Spears has an array of different looks that make for great costumes, but we're obsessed with her outfit from the "Circus" music video. Grab a ringmaster costume, toss on a blond wig, and you're set.