12 YouTube Tutorials That Will Convince You to DIY Your Bridal Makeup

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Once the initial excitement of planning a wedding wears off, most brides are faced with a tough reality: the wedding they've seen all over Pinterest may be out of their budget. But with some adjustments, any girl can have her dream day without forking over her life savings — with a little thriftiness, that is.

One of the best ways to save money without compromising on the ceremony or afterparty is by doing your makeup yourself (or convincing a trusted friend to do it for you). While choosing — and applying — bridal makeup yourself may sound daunting, it's much easier than you may think. Every bride wants makeup that feels classic, makes her glow, and will stand up against flash photography and a day of festivities, so it's really just finding the products and techniques that will help you achieve these makeup goals. Plus, you know your own face better than anyone!

To cover your bases, we've rounded up our favorite bridal tutorials aimed at those looking to DIY their big-day makeup. With these videos as your secret weapon, any bride can complete a look that she will love both the day of and for years to come.

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Jaclyn Hill's In-Depth Bridal Tutorial

Professional makeup artist and popular YouTuber Jaclyn Hill's take on bridal beauty is pretty much an all-in-one video bible. The 30-minute video covers every step from primer to setting spray. The finished look pairs a natural foundation with a sultry smoky eye and a pop of pink lip.

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Lauren Curtis's Radiant Bridal Makeup Look

This video is far more than just a tutorial — besides detailing the actual application, Lauren Curtis explains the reasoning behind her choices and offers insider tips on what to avoid when purchasing products for this type of event. Curtis's take on bridal makeup is bright, radiant, and classic — ideal for any type of bride.

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Sazan Hendrix's Modern Classic Look

This look, done on Sazan Hendrix, could have easily set the standard as the modern classic in bridal makeup. In addition to a tutorial on the flawless foundation, smoky eye, and nude lip, the video includes tons of tips that will help even the amateurs to rival the pros.

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South Asian Bridal Makeup How-To

Geared at women having an Indian, Bollywood, or South Asian wedding, this tutorial is both culturally informed and extremely helpful. The main focus is the eyes, where KeepingUpWithMona demonstrates smoky shadows, thick winged liner, and dramatic lashes.

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Charlotte Tilbury's Amal Clooney Wedding DIY

Charlotte Tilbury, makeup artist to the stars, explains the techniques and products she used to create Amal Clooney’s stunning look for her Venice, Italy, wedding (to George Clooney, obvi). She includes a routine of masks and creams even before the foundation — including Wonderglow, a product that instantly helps achieve that signature bridal luminosity.

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Sona Gasparian Low-Key Bridal Style

This take on bridal makeup is straightforward and approachable, especially ideal for women feeling nervous about doing their own work. Sona Gasparian focuses on creating a look that feels natural yet photographs well. It is the ideal balance of dramatic and fresh.

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A Long-Lasting DIY Tutorial

By emphasizing natural features with soft eyeliner, dramatic lashes, and peachy lips, this tutorial from Shaaanxo lets a bride truly shine on her big day. She also sprinkles in additional tips — like using setting spray before, during, and after application — to ensure that viewers can achieve professional-quality, long-lasting makeup.

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Neutral Wedding Makeup With a Pop of Color

Nitraa B filmed this tutorial while she was gearing up for her own offscreen wedding. She thus brought in personalized elements — for example, she drew inspiration from her wedding colors — which make it particularly real and relatable. She also offers tips and tricks for customization, including steps that viewers can skip or further emphasize depending on their personal preference.

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Patricia Bright's Look For Darker Skin Tones

For this video, Patricia Bright brought in the makeup artist (Esther of The Queen Hadassah) who did her actual wedding makeup to re-create the routine for other brides-to-be. It's especially helpful for women of color, but the general tips and principles apply to any type of beauty.

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Drugstore Bridal Makeup Using Affordable Brushes

If you're looking to double down on your wedding makeup by saving money even further, KathleenLights walks viewers through creating a stunning bridal style with drugstore products and affordable brushes. It's an in-depth talk-through that covers all your bases, and the instructions are easy to understand and replicate.

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A Waterproof Makeup How-To

In addition to photographing well, this look by From Head to Toe is also waterproof, so it's ideal for those who may shed some (hopefully) happy tears. Her classic — and classy — take on bridal beauty is inspired by what she wore on her own big day.

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Bridal Makeup Tutorial For Beautiful Eyes

This makeup suits all eye types, but is particularly helpful for those with hooded eyes. Stephanie Lange demonstrates a timeless and classic eye routine that will hold up against the barrage of flash photography that every bride is guaranteed to face.

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