Jungkook's Mullet Haircut Has BTS Fans in a Frenzy

Mullet haircuts are back — and one member of the K-Pop group BTS is the latest example of why you might want to consider getting in on the trend. Jeon Jung-kook, known mononymously as Jungkook, recently revealed his new hairstyle while starring in a campaign for appliance company Conway Global.

Though Jungkook is decidedly adventurous in the beauty space — with a collection of tattoos and piercings to his name — and has even reportedly had a mullet before, that didn't stop fans from completely thirsting after the pop star on Twitter. "Mullet Jungkook Supremacy," was only one comment among the hundreds of tweets that have been shared since the release of the campaign, and there are more being added by the minute.

Mullets have been steadily making a comeback with some stylists calling the latest rendition of the cut "the chillet" — a chill mullet. "It's a more modified and more fashion-forward version of the mullet," celebrity hairstylist and cofounder of Nine Zero One salon Riawna Capri previously told POPSUGAR.

Take a closer look at Jungkook's new haircut ahead.

@BTS_twt has come together with a new look.
What is the advertised product?

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