These Butterfly Nails Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Smiley faces, chrome colors, and airbrushed finishes make one thing clear when it comes to manicures: the '90s and 2000s are back in full swing. The recent resurgence of butterfly nails is even more proof, and we can't wait until our next salon appointment. The trend, which has been given a stamp of approval by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, has many different iterations, but the end result is always fabulous.

With this nail-art trend, the possibilities are endless. A popular take on the fluttery motif features blue butterflies on a white background, but other people, Jenner included, are opting for pink, orange, and even rainbow hues. The nail art is very versatile, too, flattering all nail shapes and lengths. Ahead, we've rounded up some of the best butterfly nail inspiration to bring with you to your next salon appointment. Whether you're looking for blue butterfly nails, purple butterfly nails, or even clear butterfly nails, we have you covered.

Get ready to set your heart aflutter with the butterfly nail ideas ahead.

Additional reporting by Renee Rodriguez

Kylie Jenner's Pink Butterfly Nails

Jenner opted for a light-pink manicure with baby-pink butterflies and small crystals on her long, square-shaped nails. We especially love the black detailing.

Tana Mongeau's Butterfly Nails

Looking for blue butterfly nails? YouTube personality Tana Mongeau wore the nail-art trend in blue on a few accent fingers on her light-pink manicure.

Pink Butterfly Nails

A pink-on-pink theme is another cute way to wear the nail-art trend. Similar to Jenner's nails, these feature multiple butterflies on one finger.

Purple Butterfly Nails

These purple butterfly nails also feature other Y2K-inspired designs to mix it up. We love the french manicure detail on this purple butterfly nail set.

Pink-and-Blue Butterfly Nails

This manicure features a pink base color with holographic details and baby-blue butterflies. The final look is absolutely stunning.

French Butterfly Nails

This manicurist painted blue butterflies on top of a classic french manicure, giving it a '90s vibe. We can't wait to re-create this look.

Negative-Space Blue Butterfly Nails

Looking for clear butterfly nails inspo? If you've been a fan of the negative-space-manicure trend, consider incorporating butterflies into your go-to look by painting them over a clear, glossy base.

Blue Butterfly Nails

This neutral manicure has intricate blue butterflies on it. The white dots are our favorite part.

Tiny Butterfly Nails

Looking for something a little more understated? Try the trend with tiny butterflies. The addition of the clouds gives this set a special look.

White Butterfly Nails

We love this twist on a milk-bath manicure. Let the colors of the butterflies stand out by painting them on a white base.

Blue Butterfly Nails

This manicurist applied a blue-on-blue butterfly nail-art design to his client, and the result is fabulous.

Multicolored Butterfly Nails

Celebrate the colorful creatures by blending together multiple hues on your nails. We love the green and purple.

Pink-and-Blue Butterfly Nails

Blue or pink? If you can't pick just one color, get both for a manicure that's unique to you. We especially love the neon base colors.

Orange Butterfly Nails

These butterfly nails feature orange-and-yellow ombré hues, making them really pop. The addition of rhinestones on one hand is also a nice touch.