Cardi B Brings Back Y2K Bowl Cuts — With a Twist

If you thought the 2000s hair resurgence was slowing down, think again. Bubble ponytails, butterfly clips, and zigzag parts are just a few of the styles having a moment right now, but Cardi B cemented the Y2K beauty trend in a way that only she can: by revealing a pastel-pink, bowl-cut hairstyle.

The rapper matched the hairstyle to the rest of her accessories — pink stiletto nails with a matching swirl design, a milky-pink lip color, pink sunglasses, and a glittery pink bag — and if this entire look doesn't scream summer, we don't know what does. It's unclear whether this hairstyle is for festival season specifically or if the musician just wanted to switch up her look for fun, as a dramatic hair change is nothing out of the ordinary for the star. Seeing how well she wears the style makes the impeding Y2K beauty and fashion takeover all the more exciting.

Should bowl cuts also be on your radar, different versions of the hairstyle have been making waves on social media. Bowl-cut mullets, bowl cuts with an undercut, and bowl cuts with layers are all trendy variations of the hairstyle that won't have you feeling like it's your first day of elementary school all over again.

Take a closer look at Cardi B's new bowl-cut hairstyle below.

Instagram | iamcardib