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Cinderella Movie: the Meaning Behind the Hair and Makeup

The Hair and Makeup in Cinderella Is Full of Hidden Meanings

Cinderella Movie: the Meaning Behind the Hair and Makeup
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The story of Cinderella is one many of us are very familiar with, but the Amazon Prime Video movie directed by Kay Cannon, set to release on Sept. 3, is unlike any version of the fairy tale you've seen before. A distressed Cinderella pining for a prince to whisk her away was replaced with an aspiring businesswoman; the fairy godmother received their own makeover and the role was subsequently taken over by Fab G (played by Billy Porter); and the princesses in attendance at the royal ball were all given their own unique look, including a hand-painted gold leaf illustration decorating one princess's bald head.

The hair and makeup in the film had to live up to the story being told, and judging by the three-minute trailer, it certainly does. From the stepmother (played by Idina Menzel) to the countless extras in the big dance numbers, no makeup look or hairstyle is repeated. To understand the scale of the project, the movie's hair and makeup department head Sharon Martin first looked at the set and the costume design.

"How big are we going? How big are the dresses?" Martin told POPSUGAR. Then she was able to ask herself: "How high can we go with the hair?" She took inspiration from runway shows and couture fashion to create the opulent looks you see in the film, but the beauty in Cinderella serves a bigger purpose than just to look pretty — it symbolizes a deeper theme in the reimagined princess story. Martin shares exactly what that means, plus more hidden meanings to look out for in the film's hair and makeup ahead.

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