Meet the Nail Artist Behind the Divisive Claw-Nails Trend

Just when we thought we'd seen it all with nail trends, a wild shape has pounced onto the scene. Introducing claw nails. At first glance, the pointed-tip acrylics look like regular old stiletto nails, but the side view reveals a thick, rounded apex that curves more vertically than horizontally. These manicures are undeniably animalistic, mimicking the claws of a werewolf, velociraptor, or cat.

Although manicurists have dabbled with their own iterations of razor-sharp claw nails here and there, Nadia Theubet's creations are uniquely hers and causing a stir online right now. The Switzerland-based nail artist has shared several of her claw sets on social media over the past few months, scoring a TikTok follow from Julia Fox and a repost by popular Instagram page The Shade Room. The post sparked a heated debate in the comments, with some folks amazed and others disturbed by the concept, but Theubet says she has "so many clients" who've requested the unexpected nail shape recently. "I would say once a week I do claws," she tells POPSUGAR.

Theubet wouldn't divulge exactly how she creates her claw nails, but she did offer a brief peek inside the technique for her followers. From what we can tell, the process involves gluing sharp, curved plastic tips to the end of each nail and applying a few layers of clear acrylic powder with a brush until the desired height is achieved. She then files down the surface and swipes polish over the top to set everything. Yep, this seems like one to leave to the professionals.

The resulting shape may seem impractical for everyday wear, but Theubet begs to differ. "Typing is a revolution with them, especially on the computer," she says. "Using hands in general is easier than flat regular nails, as the tip of the finger is free." However, she does warn that claw nails like hers are "more dangerous for the nail bed" if they get stuck in something, and removal takes way longer than the average acrylic nail.

It's hardly surprising to see claw nails gain traction right before spooky season; can you imagine rolling up to your Halloween party dressed as a cat with the claws to match? The costume contest would definitely be yours for the taking. Whether you're on the prowl for Halloween manicure inspiration or want a badass nail shape to experiment with any time of year, check out several of Theubet's coolest claw nail sets ahead before your next salon visit.

Dried Flower Claw Nails

This claw nail set is a work of art, incorporating dried flowers painted over with gray polish.

Pierced Claw Nails

As if claw nails weren't already badass enough, Theubet upped the ante and pierced her middle finger nail with a silver hoop.

Metallic Claw Nails

No surprise here: chrome nail polish looks stunning on the claw shape.

Jeweled Claw Nails

This claw nail set features sparkly crystals both inside the dried acrylic and on the surface for a glamorous look.

Clear Claw Nails

This sleek and minimalist set of claws went viral on TikTok, garnering 1.5 million views and counting.

Dried Flower Claw Nails

Another dried flower claw creation by Theubet, this delicate set incorporates a different flower inside each nail.

Clear Claw Nails

Omit colored polish altogether to make your claw nails look especially animalistic.

Milk Bath Claw Nails

Claw nails with a milk-bath manicure? Sign us up.