Demi Lovato Just Got a New Tattoo That Serves as an Important Reminder

With friends, coworkers, and family taking up a lot of your time, sometimes it can be hard to focus on yourself . . . even for Demi Lovato. The singer posted a video to her Instagram Story of tattoo artist Winter Stone giving her new ink and showed off the finished product with a photo. The tattoo, located on Lovato's ring finger, is the word "me" and, according to her caption, serves as a reminder to put herself first.

The placement of the new ink is also interesting, considering it looks like Lovato had this tattooed on her left hand, which is typically where you wear a wedding ring. While there's no way to know if that was intentional, it could also be a reminder to continue to value her own needs in relationships.

Check out her finger tattoo ahead.