Drake Taps Into Barbiecore With a Pink Aura Manicure

Drake is a certified lover boy for life. The 36-year-old rapper recently stopped by Tokyo Nails in Chicago to get some bright pink aura nail art ahead of his It's All A Blur Tour. He initially gave his followers a quick glimpse at the trendy manicure on Instagram Stories, and on July 2, the salon offered a closer look at how the hot-pink centers fade out into lighter pastel gel polish. "It's a dream come true," Drake's manicurist wrote in the comments section on Instagram. "Been doing nails for 10 years never imagined this!"

Drake's ethereal aura nails are a physical manifestation of all the recent Barbiecore hype, with the bubblegum-pink aesthetic gaining popularity in anticipation of Greta Gerwig's upcoming "Barbie" movie. His manicure gets in on the trend in a subtle way, adding a bit of flair for the tour he formerly promised would be "a celebration of the last decade."

Even beyond their fun colors, the aura-nails trend is all about outwardly representing the wearer's inner energy. "Aura nails are nails that mimic the colors of the body's chakras and energy color fields," Rita Pinto, founder of Vanity Projects nail salon, previously explained to POPSUGAR. "Aura nails are really bright and colorful, so they give off a great energy." When it comes to Drake's specific hues, a pink aura symbolizes the heart chakra and the energy of love, care, and loyalty — fitting for someone with albums like "Certified Lover Boy" and "Take Care." Scroll through the salon's post below for a zoomed-in look.