Get Ready: Barbie-Pink Beauty Is Taking Over

With the recent release of the official "Barbie" movie trailer, which is set to premiere on July 21, it seems that everyone on the internet suddenly has pink fever. The last few months has seen more celebrities, influencers, and people across social media embracing the color. With spring around the corner, Barbie pink hair, nails, and makeup couldn't be more fitting.

When Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly wore matching pink hairstyles to the premiere of his documentary "Life in Pink" last year, the color extended even further into the beauty space. Since then, it's been incorporated into nail looks (the aforementioned duo also trying matching Barbie-pink manicures) and countless makeup looks as well.

The color's popularity is in part due to the excitement surrounding the "Barbie" movie, but also is a result of the dopamine clothing trend, which recently made its way over to beauty. Interest in "dopamine nails," for example, has spiked over the last few weeks, and for good reason.

"People are trying to temper the anxieties of 2020 and are looking for lightheartedness and fun in all aspects of life, but especially in regards to beauty," Rita Remark, a nail artist and Essie's global lead educator, previously told POPSUGAR. She noted: "The idea is to choose colors and/or designs that bring a rush of joy — like a hit of dopamine — specifically for you."

If you've been inspired to give your beauty routine the Barbie treatment it deserves, take a look at just some of the ways celebrities have worn Barbie-pink beauty looks recently.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Barbie-Pink Hair
Getty | Jamie McCarthy

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Barbie-Pink Hair

Adam Levine's Barbie-Pink Nails

Adam Levine's Barbie-Pink Nails

Barbie-Pink Nails

Barbie-Pink Makeup

Barbie-Pink Nail Art

Barbie-Pink Hair

Megan Fox's Barbie-Pink Nails