When I’m Running Short on Time, I Turn to This Tried-and-True Makeup Combination

The one thing I need by my side to do a full statement eye-makeup look, whether that be graphic eyeliner or a smoky eye? Time.

I wouldn't say I'm particularly skilled at blending eyeshadow or drawing on a cat-eye (that doesn't need to be touched up once or twice anyway). I've found that when I'm rushing through either of those looks in order to get out the door, the results leave something to be desired. Think smudges, noticeable harsh lines, and fallout.

Obviously, when I have plans, this isn't ideal. The good news is that I've learned there's a makeup combination that still draws attention to my eyes but doesn't require an extensive period of time — plus several cotton swabs and a bottle of makeup remover.

I'm talking about fluffy, feathered eyebrows and super long, fanned-out eyelashes — which just so happen to be everywhere on Instagram right now.

I'm drawn to the look because I can create it quickly and affordably, with just a tube of volumizing and lengthening mascara and a clear or tinted brow gel. But, there are popular beauty treatments available — like eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts, and brow lamination — that allow you to wear the combo for weeks at a time without the daily help of products. (It doesn't get much more low-maintenance than that.)

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