Graphic Eyeliner Looks That Are Bound to Draw Even More Attention to Your Lashes

When you want all eyes on your eyelashes, choosing to wear lots of mascara or extensions makes total sense. But why not draw even more attention to the area (and therefore eventually your fluttery, voluminous lashes) by wearing a graphic eyeliner design, too?

As you may have noticed during your Instagram and TikTok scans, graphic eye makeup has actually been a huge trend over the past year, taking the form of white, neon, pastel, and classic midnight-black cat-eye wings, various lines and shapes, and artful drawings — all of which look great with long and defined eyelashes.

Also, if your eye makeup routine is starting to feel a little mundane (or nonexistent), opting for graphic eyeliner is a surefire way to break you out of the rut.

No matter your motivation, the graphic eyeliner looks ahead are just begging to be re-created.