Make Way for Foil Brows, the Boldest New Eyebrow Trend

Makeup artists on Instagram can't stop, won't stop pushing the boundary on beauty — and we love them for it. One look we've been seeing may just take squiggle brows' current spotlight: foil brows. It's part Tin Man, part the Hunger Games' Capitol, and totally head-turning.

Artists are using gold foil, aluminum foil, or any other reflective, shiny material to create faux eyebrows. Some choose to paste bits of foil along the arches' hairs, while others completely cover them with cut-up foil pieces. They're bold, bizarre, and hardly meant for everyday wear (but if you do dare, go you). That being said, Halloween is just around the corner, so there's a golden opportunity for you risk-averse beauty junkies. Get more inspiration ahead.