This Iridescent Highlighter Will Convince You That the Mystical Trend Is Still Alive

Before you call me "so last year" for championing a holographic highlighter, please take a gander at the Give Me Glow Halo ($18) luminizer. While we spotted the fairidescent trend back in 2017, and more brands are ditching shimmering products for natural, subdued shades, there's still a time and a place to unleash your inner Pegasus. And if you want to do just that, this Halo highlighter might become your very best friend.

We're practically drooling over the swatch above, which shows off a crazy-pigmented, pearl-white hue. Based off the way it shines in the sun, this powder is pretty much blinding. If you were in the presence of someone wearing this flare-lens-esque luminizer, I would not judge you for wearing your sunglasses indoors. It's that bright.

This shade actually came out way back in 2015, but it has since sold out on the indie brand's site. Luckily, Give Me Glow, which carries cruelty-free and vegan products optimized for all skin tones, is bringing the shade back. It will become available again at 12 p.m. CT on March 12, via the brand's website. Get glowing!