Need an Icy Hair Color to Keep You Cool This Summer? Try "Oyster Gray"

We know you cried real tears when you spotted your first gray hair. We, of course, wouldn't blame you if you did, considering how often we're bombarded with ads teaching us how to hide and cover up them up. Still, you should be happy to know that all of that wailing was for naught because gray hair — specifically the "oyster gray" hair color — is totally on trend right now.

Whether you have a natural slate color or you've stripped down to a faux foggy shade, this is the time to embrace the color fade. "The silver trend has been hugely popular and is a beautiful shimmering tone for the summer," celebrity hairstylist and founder of Signature Hair Tools Dionne Smith told POPSUGAR. "If you choose to go to a salon, then take into consideration that the darker your hair is, the more bleach it will need to lift the color and go gray." If you're trying to create the look at home, Smith recommends using a product like the Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Colour Toner Silver if you're hair is already a lighter color.

Last year as many salons temporarily closed in the spring and summer months due to COVID-19 concerns, we saw celebrities like Kelly Ripa embracing their gray hair instead of finding ways to cover it up at home, and now the color — in its natural and salon-assisted variety — is all over our Instagram feeds. Keep scrolling to get the ultimate oyster gray hair color inspiration.