Kelly Ripa's Take on Reese Witherspoon's 2020 Challenge Is So Relatable, It Hurts

If there's one thing Kelly Ripa is great at, it's always finding a new way to laugh at herself. For example, over the weekend, the Live With Kelly and Ryan host made herself the subject of the viral "2020 in photos" meme that several other celebrities have taken part in — with a twist. Her take was dedicated to her gray roots that have grown out over the last few months from not being able to visit her colorist.

"Perhaps this meme is a week old at this point . . . but does that really compare to these roots?" she captioned a photo on Instagram. "My version of the #2020Calendar is just . . . real . . . " The photo collage shows a few images of her hair in the earlier months of the year, seemingly after it had been colored and styled, before transitioning into the last handful of photos where her gray roots can be seen progressing.

The now-viral meme that Ripa used as her blueprint was kicked off earlier this month by Reese Witherspoon — it's since been dubbed the #ReeseWitherspoonChallenge — and it sees users creating a collage using photos of themselves that represent every month of the year so far from January to September. Mimicking what a wild ride 2020 has been, each post usually starts out with a fun and carefree photo for January to represent how excited we all were at the start of the new decade, though they get a bit more desperate (and slightly worrisome) as the months progress. Check out Ripa's take on the challenge above.