These Hair Extension Before-and-Afters Will Make You Run to the Salon

If you're looking for a beauty reset, hair extensions are one of the easiest ways to achieve it. They unlock a whole new world of hairstyles. Whether you switch things up from your regular messy bun or start playing with different lengths, they can help you make a big impact.

While most people often go from long to short hair, the inverse can be just as transformational. But rather than waiting for your hair to slowly grow out naturally, adding a few extensions throughout your head can give you an instant change. Not only can they add a bit of volume and length, but extensions can also offer a completely new look by allowing you to try out a different hair texture than your natural one. The different types are also as versatile as the styles that you can achieve with them. Choose from options like traditional sew-ins, tapes and quick weaves, or even the more advanced UV extensions that are just starting to hit the market. The options are practically endless.

Your experience with extensions depends not only on the style that you choose but also on the stylist that you go to. You must go to a professional who knows what they're doing. Don't be afraid to go in for a consultation and ask for previous examples of their work before committing fully to your new style. Extensions can get pricey very quickly, and you want to make sure that you're getting your money's worth.

If you're ready for a makeover, we've gone ahead and rounded up some of the best hair extensions before and afters to help you find your new look. From clip-in hair extensions for a quick change to sewn-in tracks that will add long-lasting length, keep reading to see real-life examples of different extension types in action.

K-Tip Hair Extensions Before and After

K-tip extensions are one of the most seamless on the market, as the technique attaches the extensions to small tufts of hair throughout the entire head.

Protective Hair Extensions Before and After

Hoping to keep heat off of your hair? Extensions not only protect your natural length underneath (especially if you opt for a traditional sew-in), but if you use human hair, they work particularly well with heatless styling tools.

Tape-In Hair Extensions Before and After

Hide chemical damage like a pro with tape-ins that lay perfectly flat against the head and can also be colored perfectly to match your natural shade.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Before and After

This clip-in hairstyle proves how seamless these extensions can be. The best thing about them is that you can take them out every day and reapply them as needed.

Blond Hair Extensions Before and After

Going from short hair to a longer length is already a process, but getting the color of your extensions to match your hair perfectly? Priceless.

Black Hair Extensions Before and After

If you fell for the bob trend but now you want your long hair back, extensions are a perfect solution while you grow back your natural length.

Curly Hair Extensions Before and After

If you have naturally curly hair, you can see great results from hair extensions, too. Be sure to find a texture that closely mimics your natural hair.

Wavy Hair Extensions Before and After

Styling your hair extensions is an easy way to make them blend seamlessly with the rest of your head. These waves add the perfect amount of texture and volume, making these extra-long pieces look seamless.

Before and After Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, extensions are perfect for adding some fullness to your look.

Platinum Hair Extensions Before and After

Over-processed your hair? Extensions are the perfect way to nurse it back to health while keeping your styling options open.

Red Hair Extensions Before and After

If you've been thinking about getting highlights, extensions are a great way to experiment with the look before fully committing.

Shoulder-Length Hair Extensions Before and After

Extensions don't have to be extremely long to be impactful. Shoulder-length extensions can give you a bit of room to play with styling options without becoming overbearing.

Ariel Baker is the associate editor for PS Beauty. Her areas of expertise include celebrity news, beauty trends, and product reviews. She has additional bylines with Essence and Forbes Vetted.