UV Hair Extensions Are the Most Seamless on the Market

The influence of technology on the beauty space can't be denied, and a new type of hair extension is even more proof. UV hair extensions, also known as hair fusions or blight extensions, are the latest method gaining traction on TikTok, and the flawless results have many people clamoring to get the look.

"It's the most seamless, natural-looking extensions technique to date," Jazmyn Hobdy, hairstylist and CEO of Extended Beauty Bar, tells PS. "It's as if there is nothing there." If you're a regular extensions-wearer, then you likely know that one of the biggest issues that people face is trying to achieve a seamless blend. Since this technique only requires stands of hair sans any tracks or beads, they are lauded as one of the only methods that truly looks like it's coming from the scalp.

Curious about UV hair extensions? Ahead, Hobdy explains what you should know about the technique, including how much it costs, how long it lasts, and how to protect your natural hair underneath.

What Are UV Hair Extensions?

This process is pretty similar to getting gel nails, except you swap out the nails for hair. "To do UV hair extensions, single strands of hair will be bonded onto your natural pieces of hair," Hobdy says. "The process uses a special glue and UV light to keep the extensions in place." One popular UV hair extensions brand, V-Light, has ethyl cyanoacrylate, sodium stearate, and photoinitiator listed as the ingredients in its glue, which act as bonding agents and the source that hardens the glue for the extensions to stay.

How Long Do UV Hair Extensions Last?

UV extensions can last a few weeks, depending on your lifestyle. "They can last about six weeks but begin detaching two to four weeks in," Hobdy says. "People who work out, sweat a lot, or have an oily scalp may notice shorter retention times."

When it comes to making sure that your natural hair remains healthy during this process, we want to emphasize how important it is to go to a professional if you are considering this hairstyle. "The stylist should be gentle with the extensions during installation — no pulling and tugging on the client's natural hair," Hobdy says. "Also, like every other extension, it's important to have these properly taken out with the adhesive remover." Do not try to take these extensions out at home, especially without the proper tools. Doing so risks damage to your hair and can cause breakage that can take years to repair.

How Much Do UV Hair Extensions Cost?

The price of UV hair extensions will vary based on everything from your location to the experience level of your hairstylist. If you paid a visit to Hobdy in California, the cost of UV hair extensions would be $250 per section and roughly $1200 for the entire head.

How to Do UV Hair Extensions

UV extensions differ from K and I-tips in the application. "The latter methods use chunks of hair attached to a chunk of your natural hair," Hobdy says. UV extensions use a single strand method to attach the extensions."

If you want to get UV extensions, the entire process is pretty simple. "Your stylist will need bulk human hair, a bonding adhesive, a micro comb, and a V light," Hobdy says. "Taking a small amount of the bulk hair, your stylist will match the density of your hair. Then, the extensions will be laid flat against your natural hair. The glue is then applied and combed in an upward motion to start the attachment process. The glue is then cured with the V light to finalize the bonding."

This method of doing hair extensions is still relatively new, but it can be a great way to cover targeted hair loss or add some fullness if you have naturally thin hair. Plus, it never hurts to have another option to refresh your look in your back pocket.

Ariel Baker is the assistant editor for PS Beauty. Her areas of expertise include celebrity news, beauty trends, and product reviews. She has additional bylines with Essence and Forbes Vetted.