8 Halloween Costumes From Reddit That Are Terrifyingly Gorgeous

Reddit user YaddiJe

We consider ourselves among the Halloween makeup experts, but even we have to admit that the internet and social media are filled with Halloween fanatics with makeup skills that far surpass ours, particularly on Reddit. If you know where to look, Reddit holds a wealth of beauty knowledge, especially in the MakeupAddiction thread.

There, professional and amateur beauty-lovers and makeup artists gather to share tutorials, product recommendations, and, around October, Halloween makeup looks. From sinister jack-o'-lanterns to vicious vampires, these spooky makeup creations have us cringing in terror but also totally impressed that it's all done with just eyeshadow, body paint, false lashes, and sheer talent. Ahead, we're sharing some of the creepiest Halloween makeup looks that you can find on Reddit to renew your costume inspiration this year.


Neon Webs


Melting Cyborg


Darling Coraline


Terrifying Troll


Demon Woman


Haunted Pumpkin


Creepy Cranium