Halsey and Evan Peters Make It Official With Two Incredible Halloween Beauty Looks

While we've always been impressed with Halsey's daring beauty looks, the pop star went above and beyond for Halloween this year with two stellar couples costumes with Evan Peters.

The two attended an American Horror Story 100th episode party together dressed as Cher and Sonny Bono with some impressive beauty looks.

Halsey styled her long hair sleek and straight, and it looked super glossy. The singer's makeup was also very retro and featured light blue eye shadow, small rhinestones placed beneath her eyes, graphic eyeliner, and large false lashes.

Peters also fully committed to his costume with a wig, fake sideburns, and a mustache. Together, the couple looked like they were straight out of the '70s.

For the pair's other costume, Halsey decided to be Marilyn Manson, while Peters dressed as a member of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse, Violent J. The singer wore a vibrant red and yellow wig and eerie makeup that included a pale base, cobalt eye shadow, and a different contact color in each eye. Peters's effort was also evident with his expertly drawn face paint.

Based on these incredible costumes, it looks like Peters and Halsey will make a great team. Ahead, check out photos of the couple's elaborate Halloween makeup and hair.

Halsey's Cher Costume
Getty | Jean Baptiste Lacroix

Halsey's Cher Costume

Halsey's Marilyn Manson Halloween Costume