These Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup Brushes Are Magic Wands For Your Face

SURPRISE! After a year in the making, we have our FIRST product coming!!! Keep an eye on this page in the coming weeks!

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Your makeup brushes are about to get a magical Harry Potter makeover! Instagram account storybookcosmetics is creating five makeup application brushes with handles inspired by wands from the cult fiction series. They're going viral on Reddit with comments like "I need that Hermione one!" and "Is there a spell that will also magically put on my makeup?"

The creators behind the brushes shared that they have been in the making for five years, and more info (likely related to when and where you can buy them) will be available in the coming weeks. These tools follow this line of Harry Potter-themed makeup. Thanks to the brushes, you can have an entire set of fantastical face paint and tools to apply it.

Now if only someone could invent flying broomsticks . . .

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