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Harry Potter Eye Shadow Palettes | Oct. 2016

Who Do We Have to Charm to Get This Harry Potter Eye Shadow Palette ASAP?

Harry Potter Eye Shadow Palettes | Oct. 2016

We have to state this first so that we don't break your heart: these Harry Potter eye shadow palettes don't exist (yet). But if one creative Reddit r/makeupaddiction user has her way, the world won't have to be deprived of magical makeup collections much longer.

Harry Potter House Palettes

After sharing her gorgeous Photoshopped mock-ups of four shadow palettes, each inspired by a different Hogwarts house and featuring two feather quill makeup brushes, the Redditor remarked that she was considering making them for real. We hope she plans to share them with the world, or our hearts will be broken!

From fiery Gryffindor shadows to elegant Ravenclaw blues, these palettes look like enchanting makeup picks for Yule Balls, magical weddings, and Hogsmeade weekend dates. Which one (or more) would you empty your Gringotts vault to buy in real life? Let us know in the comments!

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