These Hocus Pocus Bath Goodies Will Put a Spell on Your Skin — No Witchcraft Required

If you're secretly one of the Sanderson sisters at heart, we've just discovered a glorious collection of beauty products that should be added to your arsenal as soon as humanly possible. Wonderland Magic Bath Co. makes a handful of Disney-themed bath time goodies (see: a body cream that actually smells like that heavenly pineapple whip sold at the theme parks). We discovered that the online company has gotten into the Halloween spirit with some magical Hocus Pocus-themed options. Below is actual footage of our reaction to finding out this fan-freakin'-tastic news.

The Hocus Pocus collection includes three items — body cream, whipped body scrub, and shower frosting — in two different scents. The "It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus" scent has the aroma of apple cider doughnuts, while the "Sanderson Sistas" one smells like a mixture of spices, cranberry, apple, and pumpkin. Yum! These are most definitely Fall-approved.

Sistahhhs, are you ready to make your skin more luminous than the black flame candle? Browse through some of the adorable products ahead to pick your favorite one!