Follow This 5-Step Tutorial to a Metallic-Gold Eye-Makeup Look

  • Gold makeup looks stunning on any skin tone, from fair to olive to deep.
  • We spoke to a professional makeup artist to break down the tools you need to nail a gold-makeup look.
  • Read our step-by-step makeup tutorial for the perfect summery-eyeshadow look with gold.

The golden rule also applies to makeup — or at least, gold itself rules. The sunny and shimmery tone instantly awakens eyes of every shape and color. And while gold makeup is great for any season, it feels especially complementary to summer's sun-kissed vibes — plus, it can work for any skin tone. Opt for a glimmer of gilded-ness or go all out with a full face of gold — the choice is yours. Of course, this mighty metallic might be intimidating to some. So, before you get your gold rush on, consider these tips from a professional makeup artist.

Tools You'll Need For a Gold Eye-Makeup Look

Gold eyeshadow: Go for a champagne shade if you have fair skin, says makeup artist Tobi Henney. A yellow gold suits medium skin tones, and warm gold is great for darker skin.

Shadow brush: Use a brush to apply and blend your shadow.

Bronzer: Sweep your go-to bronzer on cheekbones so skin lives up to your gold lids.

Red lipstick: The pop of matte color will complement glam eyes.

How to Do a Gold Eye-Makeup Look, Step by Step

Step one: pick your gold. While Henney prefers to use gold on medium-to-dark skin tones, of course it can look gorgeous on any complexion — especially if you choose the best shade. That part is pretty intuitive: stick with a pale champagne for fair skin, then choose deeper and richer gold hues for medium and dark skin tones.

Step two: apply your shadow. "I love to use gold makeup on the eyes as inner-eye highlight and on the center of the lid for a little pop," Henney says. With gold, you can go soft or statement-making. Dusting on gold to just the inner corners of the eyes is a subtle way to rock the look. You could also try swapping out black liner for a gold pencil to line the eyes. Or, pick a gold liquid liner and do a graphic cat eye with that instead.

Amp things up by adding gold shadow to the center of lids, as Henney suggests, and blend with your shadow brush. Add some gold along your bottom lash lines for extra oomph. Want something even more intense? Apply shadow with a damp brush to get a more pigmented, gilded finish, or choose a rich cream shadow. You might even finish your look by using your finger to press on a spattering of glitter.

Step three: add mascara. A couple of coats of black mascara provides nice contrast to the glow of your gold and helps define eyes.

Step four: apply bronzer. The warmth of a bronzy hue works well with gold. Sweep your favorite bronzer along the usual spots — along your cheekbones, temples, and forehead — and blend away using circular motions.

Step five: finish with lipstick. To avoid looking too matchy-matchy (or like a robot from the future), stick to an earthy nude or classic red lipstick (Henney's pick) to punch things up. Try something with a matte finish to counteract the gleam of your gold.

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