The Inverted Bob Haircut Got a Major Makeover

Bob haircuts are majorly popular right now, with every celebrity from Emma Watson to Zoe Saldaña trying out the trend. One way to stand out in a sea of bob styles is by taking a slightly different approach to the look with the inverted bob haircut.

It's where your hair is shorter at the back of your head and gets gradually longer by your face. (Think of Victoria Beckham's style in the early 2000s, for example.) If the thought of sporting the Y2K look scares you, know that the 2023 version has been modernized. First, the angle of the updated version is far less severe, whereas hair used to be super short in the back and collarbone grazing in the front. You can also change the way it looks depending on how you style it. Want to know more? Ahead, two hairstylists break it all down.

What Is an Inverted Bob Haircut?

If you've seen this particular style before but never heard it called an inverted bob, perhaps you know it by its alternate names. It can also be referred to as an A-line bob haircut or a "reverse" bob. As previously mentioned, it's characterized by its unique length: shorter in the back and slightly longer in the front to frame the face.

Unlike the look that dominated the early aughts, the new and improved A-line cut is a lot less harsh. This is because it's "softly layered as well for motion and movement," hairstylist Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi Salons tells POPSUGAR. When you're at the salon, he recommends you ask your stylist to tailor the cut depending on how much movement you'll want at the back of your head.

How to Style an Inverted Bob Haircut

Proper styling also contributes to giving the look a modern feel, with texture being the biggest contributor to keeping it looking fresh. "Throw [in] some loose beach waves and plenty of texturizing spray," hairstylist Linet Keshishian says.

The look works particularly well on those who already have some natural wave to their hair and can be great to air-dry during warmer months. "Use a sea-salt spray when your hair is damp, and finger-style it to air-dry," she says. You can also use a diffuser if you are in a rush.

Inverted Bob Haircut (A-Line) Styles For Inspiration

Ahead, you'll see plenty of examples to inspire your new inverted bob hairstyle.

Additional reporting by Balim Tezel and Jessica Harrington

Long Inverted Bob Haircut

You don't have to go super short with your bob. This style is longer, almost grazing the shoulders.

Short Inverted Bob Haircut

This A-line bob haircut was given an upgrade by softening the overall look and feel.

Short A-Line Bob Haircut

You can make the angle of your bob super subtle, like this slightly rounded version.

Stacked Inverted Bob Haircut

For a true stacked inverted bob, take the hair at the nape of the neck super short.

Curly Inverted Bob Haircut

The inverted bob haircut works well on all hair types, including those with curls.

Inverted Bob Haircut With Layers

Incorporating layers into your A-line bob haircut will add movement.

Sharp Inverted Bob Haircut

For a sharp look, forgo the layers and opt for a blunt, gradual cut.

Side-Parted Inverted Bob Haircut

Pairing your short inverted bob haircut with a side part adds extra volume at the roots.

Wavy A-Line Bob Haircut

Wavy hair, whether it's heat-styled or air-dried, looks great with an A-line bob haircut.