A Comprehensive Guide to Jason Momoa's Tattoos

Jason Momoa's tattoo collection on screen may not be anything to scoff at, but his ink in real life are also pretty major. The "Aquaman" actor is no stranger to body art, both big and small. From sentimental family mementos to fun sketches, Momoa's tattoos are scattered across his arms, legs, and now head, too. That's right — in 2022, Momoa added an expansive tattoo to the side of his shaved head, marking his 10th known tattoo.

Most of Jason Momoa's tattoos are fairly well known, but a few of his designs stay hidden beneath his clothes. Possibly his most iconic work of body art is the tribal shark-tooth pattern on his forearm, which is inspired by his family's 'aumakua, a guardian or god in Hawaiian mythology. He also has a few small tattoos on his hands and fingers, like the design of a skull on one and a mysterious line on the other.

Family and friends are very important to Momoa, and his tattoos reflect that. He has a matching tattoo with his stepdaughter, Zoë Kravitz; a design for his two kids; and ink in memory of a friend who has passed — as well as the aforementioned ink inspired by his Hawaiian lineage. Another theme in the actor's tattoos is his work. In addition to working as an actor, Momoa owns two production companies, which also show up in his tattoo collection.

Whether you're keen to get a look at Jason Momoa's head tattoo or even his back tattoo, ahead, take a peek at all of his ink, and learn the meaning behind each design.

Jason Momoa's Head Tattoo

In September 2022, Momoa got a new head tattoo in honor of his Hawaiian heritage. The design of the tattoo, created by artist Sulu'ape Keone Nunes, is similar to the ink that Momoa has on his left forearm. It features a shark-teeth pattern that is said to represent his family crest. The actor got the new tattoo on the side of his freshly shaved head.

"Mahalo to my OHANA for being there for me yesterday @suluape_keone it was a true honor 20 years in the making," his Instagram caption reads on the video.

Jason Momoa's "On the Roam" Arm Tattoo
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Jason Momoa's "On the Roam" Arm Tattoo

On his outer right arm, Momoa has a design that looks like a compass. The ink is actually the logo of one of his production companies called On the Roam. He got the ink in May 2019 along with a few of his team members.

Jason Momoa's "Etre Toujours Ivre" Arm Tattoo
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Jason Momoa's "Etre Toujours Ivre" Arm Tattoo

In 2016, Momoa and stepdaughter Kravitz got matching friendship tattoos. The design reads "etre toujours ivre," which translates to "be always drunk." In an Instagram caption showing off the ink, he wrote, in part, "We got these tats in Angel while shooting GOT."

Jason Momoa's Kids' Signatures Chest Tattoo

Momoa has two kids, Lola and Wolf, whom he shares with Lisa Bonet. To show his love for his children, he got a drawing of their signatures in black ink tattooed on his chest. Though it's unclear exactly when he got the ink, it's from at least 2016.

Jason Momoa's Skull Hand Tattoo
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Jason Momoa's Skull Hand Tattoo

On Momoa's hand is a small skull tattoo located just above his thumb. While many of the actor's designs are often hidden at red carpet events, this little design is always visible. It's unclear exactly when he got the ink. The meaning behind it is also unclear, but it could just be because he loves skulls — he often wears them on his clothing and jewelry.

Jason Momoa's "Diablo" Finger Tattoo

In 2014, Momoa got a tattoo that says "Diablo" on his middle finger. The black-ink tat is in honor of a friend who passed away. "It's a new tattoo for my best friend who passed last year. Diablo."

Jason Momoa's "Pride of Gypsies" Arm Tattoo
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Jason Momoa's "Pride of Gypsies" Arm Tattoo

Momoa has a second production company called Pride of Gypsies, which is inspired by the fierce collectiveness of a lion pride and the nomadic, free-spirited element of gypsy culture. To commemorate the business venture, the actor has the phrase and company logo tattooed on his inner forearm in a large but delicate font. He founded the company in 2010 and got the ink sometime after.

Jason Momoa's Tribal Shark-Teeth Arm Tattoo

Momoa's most prominent tattoo (at least prior to his head design) is the tribal shark-tooth design on his forearm. In a 2013 interview with Fresh TV, the actor revealed that the design represents a shark, which is his family's 'aumakua, a guardian or god in Hawaiian mythology. "It's supposed to take the darkness out and bring in the light," he said.

Jason Momoa's Tribal Shark-Teeth Leg Tattoo
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Jason Momoa's Tribal Shark-Teeth Leg Tattoo

Along with his aumakua arm tattoo, it was revealed when Momoa took his pants off on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" that he has a similar pattern on his outer thigh and hip. This leg tattoo is the largest design in his collection and often hidden by his pants.

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