These Dramatic Hair Makeovers by Jen Atkin Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Jen Atkin is the stylist behind some of your favorite stars like Bella Hadid, the Kardashians, and Chrissy Teigen. She is also the brilliant mind behind Ouai Haircare and decided to give nine of her lucky fans a complete makeover.

The fans got new color, cuts, and, in some cases, even new bangs. She posted a gallery of the incredible transformations to Instagram along with some encouraging words.

"Ladies, don't hide under your hair or be scared to try something new because of any insecurities you have. I hear all of the time 'my face is too round,' 'my nose is too big,' I'm not skinny enough yet,'" the stylist wrote. "Rock a fringe, cut off that old energy from a bad relationship, grow your hair out if you're bored of it short, or learn to embrace your natural hair. We are all beautiful inside and out... go live life YOUR OUAI."

The lucky fans were equally enthusiastic about their new locks. Many of them posted selfies with the stylist and showed off their new hair. It's incredible what new hair can do to show off a person's face and boost their confidence.

Be sure to click through Jen's Instagram gallery above and check out the fans' photos ahead.