You Are Not Ready to See J Lo's 50-Inch-Long Hair Extensions

Jennifer Lopez is one of those stars who always looks the same and always looks amazing. While we're quite honestly aghast at the length of her résumé — singer, dancer, actress, beauty developer — her beauty looks are historically as varied.

Rather than switch her style up every few months, J Lo's found what works (midlength, golden brown strands) and worked it for most of her career. So needless to say, we were not prepared for the extra-long, Nicki Minaj-esque extensions she wore to the Billboard Latin Music Awards. But regardless — we're into it!

The look was done via J Lo's longtime hair guy, celebrity stylist Chris Appleton. Chris confirmed on his Instagram account that the strands are in fact four feet long and therefore as tall as some children. BRB, OD'ing on Biotin tonight so that my lob may someday look this good.