Kehlani's Fresh Take on the Cruella Hair-Color Trend Is One of the Best We've Seen Yet

Kehlani is jumping on the Cruella hair-color trend and doing it damn well. On July 26, the "Can I" singer shared on Instagram a look at their new hairstyle courtesy of Preston Wada. Kehlani's once fully brunette head now features sections of blond, which Wada suggested are part of the musician's "new era."

The Cruella DeVil-inspired color is a favorite of many celebrities these days, like Selena Gomez and Gwen Stefani. "After going through 2020, quarantines, and lockdowns, people can get away with bolder looks," Devin Toth, stylist at New York City-based Salon SCK, previously told POPSUGAR. "There are a few different versions of this hair-color trend — the most popular block-color version is making the bottom half of your head platinum and the top half of it black." The style leaves room for differentiation, and Kehlani's is unlike any take we've seen yet. In fact, its uniqueness makes it one of our favorites. See Kehlani's new look in the photos ahead.