Kylie Jenner's Chunky Highlights Double as a Halloween Costume

Kylie Jenner is ready to be the "bad guy." The entrepreneur posted a TikTok on Oct 31. showing off her modern day "Bride of Frankenstein" Halloween costume while lip-synching a dubbed version of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy," but the real star of the show was her chunky highlights.

Jenner's hair fell straight down her back with a loose wave at the end just barely grazing her hips. While the majority of her hair was a jet-black color, there were a few sections toward the front of her head that were dyed a bright platinum-blond, setting the stage for a chunky-highlights hairstyle that looks straight out of the '90s.

Chunky highlights have been making a return along with a slew of other '90s beauty trends. Iterations of the look today have been more subtle, featuring subdued color at the roots that gradually gets darker at the ends, similar to a balayage. But if you want to stay true to the look's original form, opt for your highlights to be a stark, contrasting color from the rest of your hair, à la Jenner's version. Just like the stunning corset dress that she was wearing, this hair color bodes well for both special occasions (like Halloween) and day-to-day wear. (It's almost like having a built-in costume for whenever you feel like tapping into your main-character energy.)

If you need some more "chunky highlights" inspiration, take a closer look at Jenner's hair ahead.


a modern bride of frankenstein 🖤

♬ You want me to be the bad guy - ☽𖤐☾