Maddie Ziegler Wears Milk-Bath Nails to Dinner With Valentino

Make some room on your mood board: Maddie Ziegler is coming for the top spot. On Oct. 12, the entertainer attended an event with Valentino wearing milk-bath nails as the finishing touch to her chic ensemble.

Ziegler's manicure fell right in line with the minimalist-beauty boom happening right now. Her version of the look incorporated a milky-pink color on each nail and a soft, rounded almond shape. Instead of incorporating dried flowers, as is traditional with the milk-bath look, she opted to go without any nail-art, allowing the color to truly shine.

Milk-bath nails have been the celebrity manicure of choice for months now. The look has been seen on everyone from Bella Hadid to Jennifer Lopez and Addison Rae, and it doesn't seem like the trend will be going away any time soon. To get your own milk-bath nails, opt for soft neutral colors, like whites and pinks, with a cloudy-looking finish. Nail-art-lovers can take the manicure up a notch by adding understated designs like an invisible french tip or the "Korean blush" design. If you need somewhere to start, take a closer look at Ziegler's manicure below.

Instagram | thetonyabrewer