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Mauve Hair-Color Trend For 2023

Mauve Hair Color Is In For 2023

Mauve Hair-Color Trend For 2023
Image Source: Getty / Gotham

There's nothing quite like leaving the salon with a new hair color and a fresh blowout, but deciding what shade to go with is no easy feat. If you're looking to change up your hair, there's a new celebrity-loved hair-color trend that has new year, new me written all over it: rich mauve.

There's no denying that micro trends are ruling the industry right now. While they're a fun way to change up your look with makeup and hairstyles, when dealing with hair color, getting a little too experimental can cause some damage — not to mention get pretty pricy. The mauve hair-color trend we're seeing right now is a great option for anyone looking to go dark blond-brown this year because it's very in but still classic enough to withstand the inevitable cycling of fades.

Keep reading to learn more about the mauve hair-color trend, including how to make it work for you and what to ask for at the salon.

What Is Mauve Hair Color?

Mauve is one of those colors you've probably heard of a handful of times, but you may not know exactly what it is. "Rich mauve hair color would best be described as a soft, mellow, and dark-blond color," Angelina Murphy, a Seattle-based celebrity hairstylist and extensions specialist, tells POPSUGAR. The shade is similar to dirty blond or "bronde," only slightly darker and more muted. "Mauve color is achieved by using a gloss that creates flecks of warm and cool tones at the same time while adding shine to the hair," Murphy says. Hailey Bieber is a model example of mauve hair — the color of her hair itself is muted and soft, but it is incredibly shiny and has a lot of dimension.

How to Ask For Mauve Hair at the Salon

No matter what hair color you choose, the best way to guarantee you'll leave the salon happy is to bring reference photos with you. "Ask your stylist to create a skinny money piece and add warm and cool tones to the gloss," Murphy says. If it helps, you can tell your stylist her favorite formula for this particular shade: 7NCH/9GB/6GG in Redken EQ Shades.

Who the Mauve Hair-Color Trend Looks Most Flattering On

Because this shade incorporates both warm and cool tones, it's very flattering on those with warm and neutral undertones. But that's not to say you can't wear the look if you're more cool toned. Your stylist should be able to adjust it to best suit you. "I also love to go by the eye color — if you have gold flecks in your eyes, mauve hair will be very flattering," Murphy says. "If done right, this color will make your skin look tan and your eyes pop."

Ahead, find inspiration for the mauve hair-color trend on different skin tones to save as reference photos for the salon.

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