Michael Strahan's Skin-Care Brand Comes After "Years of Trial and Error"

In addition to television personality, journalist, and former professional football player, Michael Strahan can now add beauty brand founder to his ever-growing list of titles. That's right, the sports star is launching Michael Strahan Daily Defense, a new clean, sustainable skin-care and grooming brand, at CVS — and he's telling POPSUGAR all about it.

The lineup features five products for the face designed to tackle dry skin and ingrown hairs, including a Hydrating Face and Beard Wash, Clear Shaving Lotion, Calming Post Shave Balm, Conditioning Beard Oil, and Face & Neck Moisturizer. It's also worth noting that the line is priced at $14 per product, making it fit right in at the drugstore beauty retailer. Like many celebrities who venture into the beauty space — and there have been quite a few of them in recent years — Strahan had a little help in the formulation phase from biotechnology company Evolved By Nature.

To come up with the five debut products, Strahan took cues from his personal skin-care routine. "The actual steps [in my skin-care regimen] are always evolving, but I think what's been consistent is having some sort of routine," Strahan tells POPSUGAR. "When I was a player in the NFL, the sweat and helmet affected my skin differently than the harsh lights and makeup from TV cameras for FOX and Good Morning America. Thankfully, the habit of a routine keeps me looking and feeling my best."

It's those differing scenarios throughout his career — and his evolving skin-care routine as a result — that has helped shape the collection. "I took all those years of trial and error, and I brought that into this new Michael Strahan Daily Defense skin and shave line," he says.

Courtesy of Michael Strahan Daily Defense

All of the products were developed in partnership with Evolved By Nature and feature the company's patented formulation of Activated Silk™, which contains ingredients from natural, renewably sourced silk protein. The main benefit of this patented ingredient is to restore and support the skin's barrier. The products are also housed in aluminum packaging.

Given that all of the products are reasonably priced at $14, you can purchase the entire line without breaking the bank. However, if you're going to just pick and choose a few items to start with, Strahan has a recommendation. "We really made sure each [product] in this starting lineup is an essential part of the routine, but if I need to have just one, it's the moisturizer," says Strahan. "Day and night, I never miss that step."

Courtesy of Michael Strahan Daily Defense

Michael Strahan Daily Defense will be available to purchase at CVS and CVS.com on Sept. 19.