Millie Bobby Brown Debuted the Pearly White Mani You’re Going to Want to DIY This Season

Millie Bobby Brown's latest beauty decisions have been ushering some of the most eye-catching trends of the season (like her wheat blond hair color and use of colorful barrettes). Her latest look is yet another example of this, as she debuted a manicure that is perfect to take into the holiday season.

On Nov. 11, Brown attended a screening of Stranger Things season three with a white manicure. The white polish was painted on short nails with rounded tips and had a high-shine pearly finish.

Nail expert and brand owner Jin Soon Choi recently told POPSUGAR that she predicted the nail polish color would be one of the most popular ones for Fall. "If we say pure white is good for summertime, then pearly white is the ideal seasonal shift to Fall," she said. "The pearl element adds an elegant dimension that is ideal for ushering in the new season, when more variation on your nails is needed." The prediction proved to be spot on, as the look had been seen on numerous A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Lil Nas X.

Creating a pearly manicure can be as simple as two simple steps: "[Apply] a non wipe top gel, and rub some metallic powder on top of it," manicurist Eunkyung Park previously told POPSUGAR. For Brown's look, specifically, start with a white base.

See her new nails, ahead.

Millie Bobby Brown's White Nail Polish Color
Getty | Taylor Hill

Millie Bobby Brown's White Nail Polish Color