Meet the $72 Face Oil That Made Me Break Up With Full-Coverage Foundation For Good

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Have you ever found a skincare product that's just so damn good, you have to stop yourself from directing strangers on the street to immediately go out and buy it? Well, that's the kind of deep obsession I've been experiencing with my latest beauty investment: Murad's Multivitamin Infusion Oil ($72). Why am I Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-Oprah's-couch levels of excited about a bottle of oil, you ask? Because it freaking works. Check out just a few of the positive results I've experienced after using it daily for the past several months below — before I stop you on the street and drag you to Sephora myself:

It totally evened out my complexion.

Aside from the occasional period-induced pimple, I don't deal with acne-related issues very often (I know, please don't hate me). I do, however, have the kind of skin that is naturally blotchy with uneven areas of redness. In the past, I've looked to serious, heavy-duty foundations to conceal areas of uneven skin tone. Now, all I need to keep my skin a uniform, nontomato shade are a few drops of this multivitamin oil in the morning and at night. After a week or so of use, my complexion already started noticeably evening out, and now, several months later, my skin tone is completely even and smooth. HALLELUJAH.

It gave me the J Lo glow of my dreams.

I started using this multivitamin oil toward the end of Winter, right around the time of year when my skin tends to fully embrace the White Walker look: gray and dull. Thanks to the vitamin C components of this skin-saving product, my face had the vibrant look of a person who actually goes outside and maybe even drinks water instead of coffee every now and then. The superglow of my skin is now way too bright to cover it up with a full-coverage foundation.

It shrank my seriously massive pores.

If left to their own devices, the pores on my nose like to naturally expand to the size of a crater on Mercury. I've bought an obscene amount of products to try to close them up — pore strips, toners, clay masks — without much long-term luck. Murad's Multivitamin Infusion Oil is the only product I've used that's able to actually tighten them up for good, giving my skin that airbrushed look so many other products promised but ultimately failed to deliver.