Prepare to See the "Mushroom-Brown" Hair-Color Trend Everywhere This Fall

If you're a blonde, there are a slew of hair-color trends for you to try — "Tuscan sunned," "coconut candy," "honey chestnut" — but the options for brunettes are a bit more limited. Dark balayage is always a choice, but if you really want to turn some heads this fall with a fresh new color, you need to try the "mushroom-brown" hair-color trend.

"Brunettes tend to have a difficult time switching up their look," celebrity colorist and MyDentity brand founder Guy Tang told POPSUGAR. "This mushroom color is a great way to level up brunette hair without straying too far from your natural color." Essentially, the mushroom-brown shade mixes highlights into a cool base color, versus a warm base like most brunette shades. This results in an ashy mauve hue.

"For brunettes wanting cool tones, you'll want to lift the hair past orange and then use an ash-based toner to give a cool brown finish," celebrity colorist and Matrix brand ambassador George Papanikolas previously told us. The real beauty of the mushroom-brown hair color is that it incorporates both warm and cool highlights, making it suit all skin tones.

With the fall season approaching fast, the mushroom-brown hair-color trend is the perfect way to give your style a moody update. Don't just take our word for it — keep scrolling to see more inspiration.