Naomi Campbell Brings Back the Divisive "Jellyfish" Cut

The jellyfish haircut is back and the latest celebrity to revive the trend is none other than Naomi Campbell. In an Instagram post, Campbell's makeup artist Ernesto Casillas, shared a picture of the supermodel from a recent photoshoot with I-D magazine. In it, she is seen with an edgy version of the already avant-garde style.

Campbell's iteration of the look is true to tradition — for the most part. The top portion of her hair stops right below her cheekbones as it would for a bowl cut, but the ends are flipped up to give the overall look a spiky '90s vibe. The rest of her hair falls against her back, hitting just above her hips. Where Campbell's style veers from convention is with the addition of blunt micro bangs across her forehead. Campbell paired the look with a black trench coat and a pink suit.

Jellyfish haircuts first rose to popularity in November 2022 after being spotted all over TikTok. Since then, celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, Halsey, and Gwen Stefani have all worn different variations of the trend. Needless to say, you have plenty of inspiration available to you, should you choose to try it yourself. See Campbell's look on Instagram here.