The Surprising Way Rihanna Is Influencing Plastic Surgery Trends

A whopping understatement: Rihanna is a woman of many talents. She's a musician, multimillion dollar beauty mogul, and selfless wine savior. Turns out, she can add one more credit to her already-stellar resumé: plastic surgery influencer.

According to NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft, "There are several different noses that people come in asking for. There's always a new nose everyone wants." Dr. Doft said that celebrities like Meghan Markle and Justin Bieber have some of the top requested schnozes out there. "Rihanna's nose definitely gets commented on," she added.

"They like the symmetry, the little upturn, and the fact that it's straight."

What makes Rihanna's nose so covetable isn't necessarily because people want an exact replica but, rather, they're trying to make things look proportional. "They like the symmetry, the little upturn, and the fact that it's straight," Dr. Doft said. "It doesn't project too far from their face."

Dr. Doft said that most clients don't want to dramatically alter their faces and become clones of celebrities. "The thing people most often say is, 'I don't want to look different. I want to look like myself, but I want it all to work better,'" she said.

If you're in the market for any kind of rhinoplasty (Ri-inspired or not), Dr. Doft said it can be helpful to bring a photo for reference during your first consultation. That said, you shouldn't have your heart set on one specific nose. "You have to point out what you like about a picture, and that's what we can translate into your operation," she advised.

The surgeon also stressed that it's necessary to keep another part of your face in mind when discussing nose jobs: "The chin is really important to this procedure too, because sometimes it can be too small." If you're changing your nose, you might also consider asking your surgeon to consider altering your chin, building it out, or making it stronger.

Ultimately, Dr. Doft said that the best nose jobs leave patients looking like a better version of themselves; they should still be recognizable by friends and family post-op. "You want the nose to fit your face," she said. "You also want your chin to fit the profile. When you have both things, you get a new, striking elegance."