30 Word Tattoos That Prove the Power of Simplicity

If you've been considering getting a word tattoo, you might be wondering where to start. Should you get something short and sweet or go for an entire quote? Even once you've decided on your one-word tattoo idea, you'll need to figure out what style to get it in. Will you go with a traditional-style script or opt for a fine-line design? Even after you've decided on all of that, you'll need to think about placement. Will it fit perfectly on your finger or would a bicep be the best spot?

All tattoos are beautiful, whether they're intricate, basic, large, or tiny in size. Occasionally, extensive detail is necessary, but there are times when all it takes is a simple one-word tattoo to get your message across. Being concise is powerful, brave, and confident, and having a tattoo that shows that is the prettiest statement you could make. Tattoos with just a single word truly stand out, so if you're looking to get inked, let these ideas inspire you to wear your heart on your sleeve (or your ankle, back, wrist, what have you). These small words are reminders of the great things you can accomplish, no matter what may come your way.

Keep reading to see the prettiest word-tattoo ideas (many in different fonts and styles), and let your new ink be a fresh reminder of just how powerful words can be.

Additional reporting by Renee Rodriguez


Word Tattoos: "Resilience"

Show off just how resilient you are with this word tattoo.


Word Tattoos: "Romantica"

The forearm is the perfect place for a one-word tattoo.


Word Tattoos: "Angel"

Dua Lipa also has a tattoo on her shoulder of the word "angel."


Word Tattoos: "Simplify"

The word simplify written in a crisp font is a great tattoo idea.


Word Tattoos: "Gemini"

Have your new tattoo be a nod to your zodiac sign for a personal touch.


Word Tattoos: "Art"

Art can mean anything you want it to.


Word Tattoos: "Justice" and "Inspiration"

These word tattoos together read "justice" and "inspiration."


Word Tattoos: "Faith"

This word tattoo acts as a nod to your faith.


Word Tattoos: "Amor"

"Amor" makes for a beautiful one-word tattoo.


Word Tattoos: "Always"

This word tattoo likely has a significant meaning to the wearer.


Word Tattoos: "Love"

Getting a word tattoo that says "love" is especially romantic when placed on your ribcage.


Word Tattoos: "Fools"

For a funny word tattoo, try something like "fools."


Word Tattoos: "Chaos"

This word tattoo reads "chaos" but the "A" letter is upside down, adding to the chaotic nature of it.


Word Tattoos: "Beauty"

The side of the neck is the perfect place for a single-word tattoo.


Word Tattoos: "Now"

"Now" is a short but sweet idea.


Word Tattoos: "Lady"

This "lady" word tattoo is written in a super-delicate font.


Word Tattoos: "Create"

"Create" is a great one-word tattoo idea for artists.


Word Tattoos: "Continue"

Word tattoos also make for great matching friendship designs.


Word Tattoos: "Muse"

This "muse" word tattoo is elusive and sexy.


Word Tattoos: "Never"

The fingers are also a great place to hide a word tattoo.


Word Tattoos: "Love"

Add some personality to your word tattoo by incorporating another design element.


Word Tattoos: "Wild"

This one-word tattoo reads "wild" and is placed on the hip.


Word Tattoos: "Patience"

Above the knee is often forgotten territory when it comes to tattoo placement, but it fits this "patience" design well.


Word Tattoos: "Love"

The back of the shoulder is a great place to put a small word tattoo.


Word Tattoos: "Family"

Give your family a shout-out with your word tattoo design.


Word Tattoos: "Enjoy"

The inner hip is a cheeky place to put a tattoo, like this "enjoy" ink.


Word Tattoos: "Soul"

This rib tattoo reads "soul."

Word Tattoos: "Gratitude"

This fine-line tattoo is a great reminder to have gratitude always.