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The Best Fall Haircut Trends From London

These Are the Coolest Fall Haircut Trends in London, According to Top Hairstylists

The Best Fall Haircut Trends From London
Image Sources: Not Another Salon and Charlotte Mensah

For those looking to make a more daring move this Fall, "it's all a bit modern mullet mad here at Not Another Salon," Hilton said. Although "a mullet can still be seen as intense, there are still a lot of shapes that can be totally wearable without seeming really out there. Ask your hairdresser for roundness on top [of the hair], which can look softer and more flattering for those that want to ensure the cut still looks feminine," Hilton explained.

Also referred to as a "razor cut" — because you have to use a razor to achieve it — this style is best for those with naturally thick hair as the razor removes excess weight from the hair, giving a softer finish. "This is also great for the Autumn and Winter months when our hair can start to go a bit more dry and brittle due to the cold weather," said Suzie McGill, UK Schwarzkopf ambassador. "Styles like the razor cut mean you don't need to overstyle your hair with heated tools, and if you do want to give your look more of an edge, you can simply spritz in some texturizing spray."

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