7 Pisces Constellation Tattoos For the Indecisive Piscean

  • Pisces are the final sign of the zodiac and are born between February 19 and March 20.
  • Known as some of the more emotional signs of the zodiac, pisces are also highly intuitive and very creative.
  • These constellation tattoo designs are sure to narrow down the search for a pisces' next tattoo design.

As we start to bid farewell to Aquarius season, we can't help but to anticipate the reign of the Pisces. A sign that is highly intuitive by nature, Pisces tend to be natural caregivers and they thrive off of making sure others around them are happy. Known for being one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac, once a Pisces claims you as a friend, that friendship will last for a lifetime. Also very artistic and creative, Pisces are ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter. As such, they have a tendency to daydream and let their imaginations run wild.

Therefore, it would be no surprise if, as a Pisces, you have an endless list of beauty looks you want to try. Looking for a new hairstyle? Your fellow Piscean Rihanna's latest look may spark some ideas. Need for a new makeup product? The Euphoria beauty trend is right up your alley. But there is one beauty category that may have you overwhelmed when trying to decide your next look: tattoos.

As a pisces, the world doesn't feel big enough to accommodate all of your ideas. You most certainly don't have enough skin on your body for all the tattoo ideas you have in mind. To help you feel less overwhelmed, we went ahead and put together some of the best Pisces constellation tattoos we've seen. From dainty fine lines to bold and colorful designs, these tattoos are sure to help you narrow down your next design just in time for your upcoming appointment.

Colorful Floral Pisces Constellation Tattoo

Looking for something discrete? Consider this dainty floral constellation with bold colors, in a location that you can hide if needed, like the upper rib cage. The design is small enough to please your need for discretion, but the way that the colors will pop against your skin will keep all eyes on you. (If you want them to be, of course.)

Minimal Pisces Constellation Tattoo

This constellation tattoo is perfect for minimalists who still want to make a statement. While the tattoo itself spans across a larger portion of the body, the design heavily utilizes negative space for a tattoo that is almost imperceptible unless you know what to look for.

Fine Line Floral Constellation Tattoo

Another design that you'll miss if you don't look closely, this constellation design is hidden in a bouquet of flowers. The constellation acts as the outermost "stems" of the bouquet and make for a perfect "hidden in plain sight" design.

Pisces Astrological Symbol and Constellation Tattoo

The Pisces astrological symbol and constellation are combined to make up this bold tattoo design. While the brightly colored fish take center stage, the constellation being drawn in a contrasting teal color makes sure that the design isn't lost.

Simple Pisces Constellation Tattoo

This constellation design is more pared down. The tattoo features circles connecting the constellation lines as well as stars surrounding the design: perfect for a Piscean who is getting their first tattoo.

Abstract Pisces Constellation Tattoo

Wrapped by an abstract design, this version of the constellation tattoo is perfect for a more intricate take on the design. For a tattoo that is sure to strike up a conversation, this is your best bet.

Celestial-Themed Pisces Constellation Tattoo

The theme for this Pisces constellation tattoo is out of this world. Incorporating simple but colorful drawings of planets and stars, this tattoo is perfect for lovers of astronomy and outer space.