These Rose Gold Hairbrushes Are Prettier Than Me, and I'm 100% OK With It

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Rose gold isn't just a color — it's a freakin' way of life. The luxurious metallic hue has infiltrated our beauty routines in the form of chic makeup brushes and shimmery highlighters, so it comes as no surprise that rose gold hairbrushes exist. UK-based beauty brand Lily England currently sells not one but four rose gold hairbrushes, and now that we've discovered them, we're never going back to our basic hair-detangling devices ever again.

Each of Lily England's gorgeous, shiny brushes serves a different purpose — the paddle brush is made to detangle and smooth hair, while the vent brush is perfect for a quick blow-drying session. If you have a rose-gold-obsessed BFF in your life, these pretty-as-can-be beauty tools are a must-have gift for the holidays (or, ya know, you could also treat yourself to them because everyone needs Instagrammable hairbrushes in their arsenal, am I right?).

Read ahead to see (and shop) all four glorious brushes, along with a three-pack set, which may or may not have just nabbed the No. 1 spot on my Christmas wish list. I promise I've been nice this year, Santa!