The Meanings Behind Sarah Hyland’s 4 Known Tattoos

  • Sarah Hyland has four known tattoos so far.
  • Her ink mostly includes fine-line designs in various placements on her body.
  • Hyland had a fifth tattoo removed in 2019, which was originally on her right buttock.

Film and television actor Sarah Hyland recently made headlines for her August 2022 wedding to "Bachelorette" alum and podcast host Wells Adams. Many headlines focused on the happy couple or the Bachelor Nation and "Modern Family" guest list (one costar of which even officiated), but eagle-eyed fans also spotted some of Hyland's tattoos peeking out of her wedding dress in the photos.

Hyland is active on Instagram, often posting event photos, project stills, and professional photo shoots among the selfies and candid shots with her new husband. Yet, her choices in tattoo placement and size mean that many casual fans may not have noticed her simple, often delicate, ink.

Our sleuthing revealed Hyland currently has four tattoos. She had her fifth tattoo, a Tyrannosaurus rex on her right buttock, removed in 2019. She had gotten the dinosaur on vacation in 2017 with her best friend and musician, Katie Welch, who got a matching one on her left buttock. The remaining four tattoos tend to be clean black lines or flowing script in places that can be easily covered on film sets or photo shoots. For Hyland, each bit of body art is a reminder of some sort, whether she seeks to remember friends, her own perseverance, or a bit of philosophy.

We've rounded up the wisdom, the ink, and the personal meaning behind each of Hyland's four tattoos below.

Hyland's Behind-the-Ear Tattoo

Celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo inked Hyland's first design in 2014. On Instagram, Hyland said of the hummingbird tattoo behind her right ear: ""The hummingbird, though it be but little, can travel great distances. It is a carrier of joy and lightness of being. Independent and resilient; the hummingbird lifts negative energy from your life and shows you the perfect combination of playfulness and endurance."

Hyland's Spine Tattoo

In 2015, Hyland got a simple arrow with a feather at the bottom end tattooed along her spine. While she has not shared the meaning behind the design, arrows often represent triumph after a difficult period, especially when pointed upward. Hyland's friends Dominic Sherwood and Stephanie Branco got similar but not identical arrows in different placements during the same sitting.

Hyland's Rib Quote Tattoo

In 2016, Hyland got the words "Follow my heartbeat" and a flower tattooed along her left rib cage. The line is from the song "Where do I go?" from the musical "Hair," which seems to be a personal tribute for the star, as Hyland performed in the musical in 2014 at the Hollywood Bowl.

Hyland's Symbolic Rib Tattoo

In 2017, Hyland got a tattoo by Dr. Woo of a single thin line going through two overlapping circles of different sizes. On Instagram, she said that the design is meant to symbolize one of her favorite quotes: "the best way out is always through," by Robert Frost.

Hyland got this tattoo during a time period when she's shared she was struggling with depression near the end of nine months of kidney dialysis. Hyland has kidney dysplasia and had her father's kidney for five years before her body rejected it in 2016. She was on dialysis for nine months waiting for a second transplant.