Sexy Back Tattoos You'll Never Regret Getting

Tattoos are one of the easiest ways to express your sense of style. Like any beauty trend, though, there are certain designs that cycle in popularity — and then there are ones that remain timeless, like back tattoos.

Back tattoos have gotten a bad rap in the past — particularly lower back tattoos, sometimes known by its more derogatory name, the "tramp stamp" (which is currently having a resurgence thanks to the popularity of Y2K aesthetics) — but there are other placements in the area that have proven to be quite popular over the years. From spine tattoos to a little ink right above your waistline, there are plenty of back tattoos that are undeniable sexy and are not anywhere near your derrière.

Whether flaunted in tanks or hidden under t-shirts, back tattoos have the ability to be be both sensual and discreet. You can get stunning designs like fine-line tattoos on places like your upper-shoulder blade or down your side. Or, you can spice it up with a design either right above or on your butt cheek. (Yes, that still counts as your back.)

If you're ready to enter your sexy back tattoo era, we've rounded up a collection of back tattoo designs that we guarantee you won't look back at and regret. Seriously, we've got your back.


Dainty Back Tattoo

Your back tattoo doesn't have to cover your entire back — in fact, a dainty fine-line design can be just as impactful as a larger, more realistic piece.


Upper Back Tattoo

Your back tattoos don't have to be relegated to one area to fit the bill. Just take a look at this super intricate upper back tattoo that spans the shoulder blades.


Patchwork Back Tattoo

The patchwork trend can apply to more than the arm area — the back is the perfect play to have a little more fun with the tattoo design that is reminiscent of stickers being placed randomly all over the body.


Spine Tattoo

Something about tattoos down the spine are undeniably sexy, so don't be afraid to allow your back tattoo to take up some real estate in the area.


Wave Back Tattoo

For ocean lovers, a wave tattoo is the perfect fit. The back is a back placement for it, whether you do a tiny fine-line design or a more detailed piece like this one.


Cross Tattoo

If your faith is important to you, why not get a religious symbol right in the middle of the back to show your devotion?


Large Back Tattoo

Large back tattoos can tell an impactful story when done correctly. Play with the positioning of your piece as well for a unique take on the location, as seen here.


Flower Back Tattoo

Flowers make for a great tattoo design no matter their location but the spine feels particularly fitting for a more sensual design like the rose.


Plant Back Tattoo

If you want to give your plant tattoo a fun twist, extend the design across your shoulder and into your back area.


Compass Back Tattoo

Sometimes less is more. Case in point? This stunning small tattoo that features arrows and geometric shapes.


Moon Back Tattoo

Lover of the moon? Get a celestial-inspired design and make it your own by adding additional patterns for a more personal touch.


Colorful Bird Back Tattoo

A colorful bord on the shoulder blade? That's a combination that can't be beat, especially if you love the animal.


Back Shoulder Tattoo

Yes, the middle of the back offers plenty of space to work with, but if you prefer a more compact design, don't forget about the back of the shoulders.


Moon Phase Tattoo

Moon phases are gorgeous when placed anywhere on the body, but along the spine is a surefire way to turn a few heads — especially when wearing low-back tops.


Mid-Back Tattoo

The middle of the back is often neglected when it comes to tattoo placements, but they shouldn't be. Just look at this horizontal wing design.


Negative Space Back Tattoo

The best thing about back tattoos is that they give you tons of space to play around with, making it a great canvas for unique designs like this negative space rose.


Matching Back Tattoos

If you're considering getting a matching back tattoo, remember to get them on opposite sides of the other person. That way, when you take a picture, the designs will be right next to each other.


Colorful Floral Back Tattoo

Imagine a gorgeous wash of color peeking ever-so-slightly out of your shirt one day thanks to a gorgeous floral tattoo on your back. Talk about a conversation starter.


Nautical Back Tattoo

A fan of all things nautical? Get a compass spine tattoo to commemorate your love of the open seas.


Horizontal Moon-Phase Back Tattoo

Moon phase tattoos can also be designed to go horizontally across the top of the back. Because of the size of the area you can go a little bigger in terms of scale.


Floral Geometric Back Tattoo

Flowers and geometric shapes will always make for an intricate-looking tattoo that is sure to invite conversation.


Colorful Birds Tattoo

Colorful birds that look like they're flying across your body? Sign us ip immediately.


Large Floral Tattoo

Large floral designs allow for more detail in the piece ad the back is the perfect place to do a cohesive large-scale floral tattoo like this one.


Curved Back Tattoo

It's not often that you get to see back tattoos that reach the other side of the body but this one is a stunning example of how to do so perfectly.


Crown Tattoo

Remind yourself that you should always be treated like royalty with this simple, yet stunning tattoo.


Black-and-White Bird Tattoo

This black-and-white tattoo is simple, yet elegant and can be easily hidden if needed.


Birds and Flowers

If you don't want to do either a standalone floral or bird tattoo, why not combine them like in the piece seen here?


Elephant Tattoo

Love elephants? Keep your favorite animal close forever by commemorating them in a back tattoo design.


Planet-Themed Back Tattoo

If you love the solar system, dedicate your back tattoo to some of your favorite planet like the piece here.

— Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

Ariel Baker is the associate editor for PS Beauty. Her areas of expertise include celebrity news, beauty trends, and product reviews. She has additional bylines with Essence and Forbes Vetted.