Shane Dawson Has Been Practicing His Makeup Skills, and Now He's Really Good

Shane Dawson has had a beauty-packed year while preparing for his collaboration with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The sometimes-controversial YouTube veteran committed to learning everything he could about beauty leading up to the launch. Throughout the last year, we've seen clips of Dawson's expanding cosmetic collection in his videos and makeup looks on his Instagram, and we've watched him experiment with it on his friends. His fiancé, Ryland Adams, even created a beauty room for Dawson, which is one of the single most romantic things we've ever seen.

Now that the Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson Collection has launched, it's time to give credit where credit is due, because the YouTuber has become very good at applying makeup. His beauty looks are so impressive, we're still trying to figure out how he pulled them off. Until he meets our (polite) demands for a tutorial, we'll just keep coveting his new collaboration and admiring his handiwork.

Check out his makeup looks ahead.

Shane Dawson's Makeup Evolution

Shane Dawson has come a long way in the last year, practicing his makeup skills in anticipation of his collaboration with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He demonstrated his new skills in a collage in June.

Andrew Siwicki's Blue Blood Makeup Look by Shane Dawson

In Dawson's most recent series about his collaboration with Star, he did his camera man Andrew Siwicki's makeup after he had an allergic reaction to a moisturizer. Dawson was able to completely color correct the redness around Siwicki's eyes and give him this full-glam look.

Shane Dawson's Blue Makeup Look

We're still trying to figure out how Dawson created this artistic blue and white eye makeup look.

Shane Dawson's Green Eye Shadow Look

Dawson sported a blond wig, stunning green eye shadow, and nude gloss back in April, and we still want to know the exact colors he used.

Shane Dawson's Pink and White Eye Shadow Look

In March, Dawson discovered every beauty vlogger's best friend: the ring light. He created this pink and white eye shadow look with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette ($45) and posted a photo with his fiancé, Ryland Adams.

Shane Dawson's Natural Glam Look

Dawson enjoyed his bedazzled Ranch (a gift from Jeffree Star) and his bedazzled Starbucks cup while wearing a "natural glam" beauty look. The term is one many beauty gurus use to describe a glamorous look in neutral tones.

Shane Dawson's Makeup Look With the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Eyeshadow Palette

In December 2018, Dawson played with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Eyeshadow Palette ($52), joking in the caption that he was "coming for" beauty gurus.