Want Better Skin? These YouTube Channels Can Help

There are hundreds of thousands of beauty videos on YouTube, and many of them dole out product suggestions and advice. However, when it comes to skin care, you might want to be a little bit more selective about who you get advice from.

Some creators are better informed than others. Ideally, you want to make sure the vloggers know about ingredients, skin conditions, and products so they can provide accurate advice for your complexion. Fortunately, there are excellent skincare-specific channels on YouTube with information that will assist you on your journey to clear, radiant skin. Some even document their own journeys through acne, ingredients, and more.

Whether you struggle with breakouts or just love the science behind skin, there's an expert with no-bullsh*t advice sharing it on YouTube. Check them out ahead.

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YouTuber to Follow For a Full Beauty Report: Mixed Makeup

Susan Yara is a former reporter with years of editorial experience in the beauty industry. She uploads videos packed with useful information and frequently quotes dermatologists in her videos, as well as hosts them as guests. You'll love watching her videos if you want an in-depth analysis of new ingredients, treatments, and products that hit the market.

She also frequently does "React To" videos where she analyzes the filmed routines of celebrities and adds commentary. Yara's channel is like a fun news report on all things skin care.

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YouTuber to Follow For Realistic Acne Advice: Cassandra Bankson

Cassandra Bankson has been on YouTube for eight years documenting her acne journey and giving people realistic advice about how to treat it. Her candid and honest videos are one of the reasons she's been successful on the platform for so long. More recently, her videos have been heavily science-based, explaining the causes of different types of acne and dispelling myths about its causes.

If you're an animal-lover, you'll like that Bankson is also passionate about veganism's effect on her complexion and cruelty-free product recommendations.

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YouTuber to Follow For K-Beauty Advice: Beauty Within

Beauty Within has two hosts, Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee, who have different skin types. The duo explain how to pick the correct products for your complexion needs. Each host is extremely well-informed on global brands, ingredients, and conditions, allowing you to customize your routine with their recommendations.

The channel was started by Mia Chen and was originally called "Asian Beauty Secrets," where Chen would share skincare and health tips passed down from her family. In 2018, she joined forces with Tsai and Lee so the beauty-lovers could all dish out advice from their perspectives. Chen is no longer on camera frequently, but the channel still spotlights many Asian beauty brands.

Through their videos, you'll learn how to read skincare labels, the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, and ingredients you shouldn't use together.

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YouTuber to Follow For a Customized Skincare Routine: Gothamista

Renée Chow of Gothamista is a wealth of knowledge. She breaks down different aspects of skin care in easy-to-digest, clear videos so you can learn details about popular ingredients and how to design a routine. Her videos detail how to adjust your routine for different seasons, the addition of active ingredients, and how to get in tune with what your complexion needs.

If you're just starting out developing a skincare regimen, Chow's videos are a great intro to what to do after washing your face. Binge-watching a few of them will ensure you're no longer intimidated by serums and leave you feeling well-prepared for a multistep routine.

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YouTuber to Follow For Derm-Approved Skincare Tips: Dr. Sam Bunting

Dr. Sam Bunting has a cosmetic dermatology practice in London, a skincare line, and plenty of free information on her YouTube channel. She has videos breaking down different ingredients, tips for different skin types, and professional advice on how to deal with issues like milia, skin sensitivity, and hormonal acne.