These 25 Shark Week Nail Art Looks Are Scary Good

The Discovery Channel's massively popular Shark Week is almost back and beauty lovers are celebrating in the best way they know how with some terrifyingly cool shark week nail art. The week of shark-themed TV will run from July 28 through Aug. 4 and will cover everything you could want to know about these amazing creatures, so superfans should start planning their marine-themed manicures right now.

Whether you're into the horror-aspect of these sharped-tooth fish or see them as symbol of Summer, sharks make for some fun and super original nail art additions. Add one to a manicure filled with Summer motifs like beach balls and margaritas, or make a full-on Jaws themed manicure to really show off your favorite animal.

The best part about these amazing nail art looks is that when people ask you about your elaborate design, you can use it as an opportunity to start a conversation about the often misunderstood creatures. According to the Discovery Channel, 73 million sharks are harmed each year in shark fin trade. This year, the company is partnering with organizations Oceana (which allows you to symbolically adopt a shark) and Ocean Conservancy (an advocacy group protecting our oceans), an a to help protect the animals and preserve their ecosystems.

Regardless of your reason for being a Shark Week stan (we get it if you just love watching Michael Phelps race against a CGI shark in a pool), these nail art looks are sure to impress at your viewing party. Check out the best Shark Week nail art, ahead.

Shark Week Nail Art