Lyric Tattoo Ideas to Keep Your Favorite Song With You Forever

  • Tattoos with quotes or single words often hold deeper meaning for many people.
  • The same applies to lyric tattoos that include a word or phrase from your favorite song.
  • This ink can be big or small, and be placed anywhere on your body depending on if you want the song lyric tattoo hidden or out in the open.

Tattoo trends come and go, but having your favorite quote or phrase permanently inked on your skin is timeless — and can feel even more meaningful. The power of the written word is something music and art lovers especially understand, as certain song lyrics can describe all your feelings and hold melodic memories that you'll want to treasure forever. Whether you've always had a passion for music or a new set of lyrics just recently spoke to you, having a tattoo that represents your favorite song is cooler than ever.

Of course, the sentimentality of song lyrics vary greatly depending on each person, but there are some that are so universal — like classic favorites from The Beatles and Rolling Stones to newer hits from Beyonce or Billie Eilish — they make great inspiration for body art. If you're a musician yourself and want a design that's more personal to you than a music note symbol, or there are certain songs that simply remind you of important people or memories in your life, consider these lyric tattoo examples for inspiration ahead.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


"Brown Skin Girl" — Beyonce

"Brown skin girl / your skin just like pearls / the best thing in the world."


"You Can't Always Get What You Want" — Rolling Stones

"You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need."


"More Adventurous" — Rilo Kiley

"I read with every broken heart. We should become more adventurous."


"Mercy Said No" — CeCe Winans

"Mercy said no."


"Just Like Heaven" — The Cure

"Just like Heaven."


"Left Foot, Right Foot" — iLoveMemphis

"Left foot, right foot"


"Ribs" — Lorde

"Laughing 'til our ribs get tough."


"A Thousand Bad Times" — Post Malone

"I needed me a place to sleep."


"Love Yourz" — J. Cole

"Love yourz."


"Rose" — A Perfect Circle

"I rose, I roared, I will, I am."


"Everything I Wanted" — Billie Eilish

"They don't deserve you."


"Sometimes Life Gets F*cked Up" — Lil Peep

"Sometimes life gets f*cked up, that's why we get f*cked up."


"Love Song" — Lana Del Rey

"Is it safe to just be who we are?"


"Loveless" — Lo Moon

"No relief in silhouettes."


"The Island" — Aselin Debison

"In soft summer breeze or in wild winter winds."


"Little Wonders" — Rob Thomas

"These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate."


"Flaws and All" — Beyoncé

"Flaws and all."


"Grey Street" — Dave Matthews Band

"There's an emptiness inside her and she'll do anything to fill it in."


"The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know" — Panic! At The Disco

"If I could build my house just like the Trojan horse, I'd put a statue of myself upon the shelf."


"All You Need is Love" — The Beatles

"All you need is love."


"Across the Universe" — The Beatles

"Pools of sorrow, waves of joy."


"Rolling in the Deep" — Adele

"Throw your soul through every open door."