27 Examples of the Hypercolor Realism Tattoo Trend That Are All True Masterpieces

There are two general categories of tattoos: black ink and colored. Some people like to mix it up when it comes to their artwork, while others like to stick to one type of ink. For anyone who's a fan of colorful tattoos, we have a new tattoo trend for you to explore: hypercolor realism.

According to Trudy Lines, a tattooist at the celebrity-favorite Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City, watercolor tattoos have been making their way out as this new, colorful ink style takes over. Hypercolor realism is just what it sounds like — wildly realistic, colored tattoos. It can be of objects or abstract designs, but the end result is a piece of body-art that looks like a true masterpiece.

"2019 was the year of boundless possibilities of micro tattoos, which started in black and gray and will turn into a trend of hypercolor realism done with single needles," Lines told POPSUGAR.

The hypercolor realism tattoo trend works best with naturally vibrant designs, like flowers and other elements of nature, but it can carry over to almost anything. Hypercolor realism can also be mixed in with more traditional black ink tattoos to add dimension to a design.

Need some inspiration? We rounded up the best hypercolor realism tattoos found on Instagram to help get the ideas flowing, ahead.