6 Tattoo Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

Summer is the perfect time, as Drake would say, to start wearing less and going out more. With that often comes a spike in interest when it comes to body art. "Although it's not recommended to get tattooed around a time where you will be heavily exposed to the sun or submerged in water for long periods of time, people love to get tattooed in the summertime," tattoo artist Jazmin Paulino tells PS. "Minimal clothing is the move if you want to show off your new ink. What better time to do that than the summer?"

Not only do people want to have their designs on display, but they could be inspired by their summer travels. "It's possible people are inspired by other collectors' tattoos and might want to switch it up for summer," Paulino says. "Summertime is also prime travel season, and tourists might want to change what they get during the summer to commemorate their experiences."

Whatever your reason for wanting a new tattoo, if you're thinking of adding to your collection, there are a few designs the pros think will be trending for summer. From "tail tats" to butterflies and popular new tattoo placement ideas, read ahead for some inspiration before you make that appointment.

Experts Featured in This Article

Jazmin Paulino is a tattoo artist at Orchard Street Tattoos in New York City.

Sydney Smith is a tattoo artist who specializes in fine-line tattoos.

Wesley Austin is an LA-based tattoo artist who is best known for his portrait designs.

Kandace Layne is the owner of Magic Mirror Tattoo Studio and is based in Georgia.

Tail Tattoos

"Tail tats," otherwise formerly known as "tramp stamps," are exactly what they sound like: tattoos on your lower back closer to your tailbone. With the Y2K aesthetic still going strong, Paulino says that the popular '90s style will also make a grand return.

"Lower back tattoos, aka tail tats, are already making a comeback along with this Y2K era," Paulino says. "The '90s resurgence is not only limited to fashion; the aesthetic is influencing tattoo decisions too."

The lower back allows for absolute creative freedom, so if you're considering this location, you can get everything from minimal, dainty designs, floral tattoos, or even more intricate and ornate designs.

Tail Tattoos

Your tail tattoo doesn't have to be relegated to a butterfly á la Mariah Carey in the early aughts. Still, if you want to channel your inner-diva, a realistic recreation of a butterfly would make for a perfect Y2K tail tat. Additionally, flowers also make for a beautiful tattoo design no matter the location.

Butterfly Tattoos

Another '90s tattoo trend making a resurgence? Butterfly tattoos.

"Butterflies are so timeless and beautiful, yet they fell out of popularity after being deemed too common or 'basic,'" Paulino says. "However, people are starting to re-recognized them for what they are — a classic."

If you want your own butterfly tattoo but want to stand out from the crowd, add a touch of personality to your design. Everything from using a different ink color to making the tattoo more abstract in design can add a more unique finish to the tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

While many '90s butterfly tattoos feature the animal by itself, today's versions often feature something extra, like this gorgeous floral detail. If you want to go a bit more abstract with your butterfly tattoo, get one wing on each leg for a fun illusion tattoo. An even more fun play on the butterfly trend is this distorted version of the creature. Add some bold colors to make the design look like something out of a cartoon.

"Sticker" Hand Tattoos

"Multiple small tattoos on one area are going to be a trend for this summer due to their versatility and ability to create a story or theme," tattoo artist Sydney Smith says. "Essentially, people have been opting for small tattoos that can be placed together to form a larger cohesive design or can be stand-alone pieces that complement each other."

This trend allows for more creativity and personalization, given that you can choose multiple designs that hold special meaning or significance.

Much like Rihanna's famous hand designs, dainty line work and dots are going to be the foundation of numerous hand tattoos this summer.

"Sticker" Hand Tattoos

Script tattoos are some of the easiest to personalize your designs with, so why not add a few to the back of your hand? They fit in perfectly with the "sticker" tattoo trend.

Western Tattoos

"Everything Western has definitely been trending this last year," tattoo artist Wesley Austin says. "Cowboy boots, horses, hats — you name it. This theme is definitely going to be a hit this summer."

Western Tattoos

Many designs combine the "sticker" trend and Western themes for a sleeve that speaks to all of the wearers' favorite things. Hyperrealistic tattoos lend particularly well to the Western designs, as can be seen here with this stunning cowboy hat portrait.

Neck Tattoos

"Neck tattoos are like the equivalent of getting your hands or face tattooed, mostly because it's the first thing you see on a person," Kandace Layne, owner of Magic Mirror Tattoo Studio, says. "On top of the fact that the neck is very sensitive to get tattooed, people should consider the lifestyle and attention that comes with this new addition to their body art."

Neck Tattoos

Your neck tattoo can be as unique as you'd like it, and you don't have to stick to the middle or even front of the neck. As far as popular designs go, flowers make for a gorgeous neck tattoo, especially on the back of the neck to coming up to the ear.

Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos are best paired with short shorts to show them off and that's why they're perfect for the summertime. Whether you want something small but impactful or a design that can't be missed. they are the easiest way to get some eyes on your ink in the summer months.

Your thigh tattoos don't have to be one single portrait. In fact, this design of four dancing devils could make for four stand-alone tattoos but when placed together tell an entirely different story.

Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos can add a sultry feel to an otherwise mundane tattoo. This single-needle bunch of flowers feels infinitely more sexy placed near the upper thigh for a little peek-a-boo moment.

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